A field guide for Spiff Engineers

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The Engineers Field Guide

Engineering is inherently a creative pursuit. This field guide is not intended to tell you what to do as an engineer, it is only meant to point out a few common pitfalls and best practices. In reality you know more about your own skills, experiences and strengths than anyone else. In an ideal world, each person at Spiff would be doing the most valuable thing they could possibly be doing each day. You are the person who can best choose what that is for you today.

The most common way of finding valuable work is by collaborating with engineers, product managers and designers in your pod. But insight can also come from troubleshooting a bug, assisting someone from Customer Success or from working in the code. If you have no idea what to do next, just ask if anyone needs help in the #dev channel. Whatever source of information you use, make sure you are doing something each day that will make life better for the people using our software in the long run.